Planning a wedding, party, or corporate event?

So we all want to impress our friends, family and colleagues in some way or another at an event or social gathering. There are various ways to do this… some are expensive, whereas others are cheap but a real hassle. IF ONLY you could find a way to do this in a cost-effective and hassle-free way… well now you can.

Introducing The Picture Booth, the new popular way to impress!


The Picture Booth is much like your ordinary photobooth solution that you have seen and heard of on TV, the internet, and at social or corporate events. The Picture Booth is a cost effective way of sharing your experience at a gathering of people with the world, and the ones around you. But how is The Picture Booth different from other booths you have seen?

The Picture Booth lets you share your photos directly from the booth itself on your favourite social network, via good old email, or by downloading the shots from your online portal. You can add an Instagram-style filter onto your photo to capture the mood of the evening, your personal preference, or just because you can. You also can also have a USB flash drive couriered to you the week after the event with all you photos on it.

Having a wedding? Why not order one of their wedding books? The wedding books use your favourite photos from the event to create a keepsake, something to put on your coffee table to share with your visitors of the great time you had. You can also have smaller (A5 size) duplicates of the books made to send to your close family and friends.

The main catch of this booth is that the booth is significantly cheaper than other booths you have seen in the market. This is due to this booth doing away with the nice, but sometime frustrating printer, resulting in fewer hassles, and far lower costs. Digital is the way of the future!

For more information and booking information on this new, exciting product, have a look at its website

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then by the end of the night you will have a novel!


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