Looking for a great training/fitness app?

When training for the 2 Oceans Half Marathon in Cape Town, I needed something to keep track of my progress, and force me to beat my best, and challenge myself. For this, the Nike plus running app was perfect. It kept track of time, average speed per km, fastest and slowest laps, as well as a GPS map overview of where I ran.

This helped me up my distance and speed, and was a great aid for improving my running fitness. But now I am entering a physique program/competition, and will have to do more than just running to compete. So what apps would I recommend for this… Fitocracy!

Fitocracy is a social fitness app, and allows users share the workouts, recipes, tips and other details in a Facebook-like way. It is a good way to interact with like-minded people, and to take interest in your workouts.

You can also track what exercises you did on what day. You find the exercise, enter number of reps, enter the weight used, and presto! The app then calculates a score for you, dependent on the weight (or if you logged running, your time and km’s) and number of reps and exercises you did. Your scores add up, and you advance “levels”. You can then track, in comparison to yourself as well as other like-minded people, you progress and see if you are improving. The stronger/faster you get, the higher your score from a workout.

The app is very simple to use, and does not take a long time to update. I dont have time to sit and play on my phone all evening, and I would assume you dont either.

So give it a shot if you are keen. It may change the way you gym 🙂


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