Bringing back the 70’s and 80’s, Deco Dance is bringing the boogie to the present

Every Friday and Saturday evening, Deco Dance comes alive from its weekday slumber to bring the past back to the present.

Situated in the heart of Sea Point on St Regent road, Deco Dance is in the middle of arguable the most vibey suburb in Cape Town. It therefore has a lot to live up to so as to keep the the local residents, and primary clientele happy in a very competitive industry.

I go to Deco very often, as it is both conveniently positioned for, me living in Bantry Bay, and there is also a vibe everytime I go there. Most nights when one goes there, there will be a fair smattering of brides maids, bachelor/bachelorette parties, as well as people dressing up for the sake of it. People of all ages and persuations frequent Deco, making for a very interesting partying.


What makes one realise that this it not your usual nightclub is when you see the regular DJ busting the grooves. We have come to know him as DJ Fathertime, as he is older than your usual reaident DJ. If I were to has it a guess, I would place his age between 55-80 (I’m not good at guessing ages, but he’s pretty old for his profession). Despite his age, he really knows how to get the dance floor going, and how to get the bachelorettes onto the dancing pole.


Aforementioned bachelorette on a pole

For the best Deco experience, get there before 10pm to avoid the entrance fee (R60 for guys, R40 for the ladies). Drinks are well priced, with my usual Castle Lites costing me R16 each. Shots are equally as well priced.

Never a dull moment, go to Deco.


Sauls Tavern – Sea Point

Every now and then, my girlfriend and I dont feel like making food while we are at my flat, and very often going out is too expensive, and too formal. Ordering a pizza is also a bit of a mission, since not all pizza delivery outlets have debit card or credit card machines. I never have cash on me. We had to find the next best thing which was affordable, had a card machine, and convenient. Living in Bantry Bay/Sea Point we have now found that solution.

Sauls Tavern at the end of St Regent road (Sea Point main road) is a very convenient option for us, being a 60m walk. Sauls has a very simple menu or pizzas, pastas and burgers, but what makes the food at Sauls so appealing is the price v quality.

We usually order pizza when we go there, of which there are only 4 types to choose from. For us, its normally a tussle between the chicken and mince variety, both of which are great. And for R55 and R60 respectively, the pizzas are really well priced when compared to our pizza delivery equivalents, as well as a Woolies heat up pizza.

While waiting for the pizza, we would go to the bar and have a quick drink. I order my customary Black Label, whilst the girlfriend has a vodka and orange juice. Living in the Atlantic  seaboard, one would expect the price to be quite steep for that order…. It was R33. It always amazes me how a place with such low prices for alcohol is not busier than it is.

Sauls also offer complimentry loyalty cards (the Fun card) which can accummulate points, or can be loaded with money. Since it was my birthday the other day, they loaded R50 onto my card… How nice.

Sauls has a couple of outlets in the Cape Town area, namely Sauls Saloon (burgers), Sauls Sushi, Sauls Mongolian, an of course Sauls Tavern. Each of the places are great, and not badly priced. Definately a reommended chain if you want something afforable, quick, and tasty.


The bar at Sauls

La Perla Restaurant for my Bday

I got back from a business trip to Joburg on Saturday afternoon, after spending my birthday in the City of Gold the day before. I felt like spoiling my girlfriend and I to something special, and have a memorable night of fine wine drinking, and gourmet meals. With the weather getting progressively better, the venue had to have sea views, open/outdoors environment, and preferably close to home.

I made a booking at La Perla restaurant on Beach Road in Sea Point, a place I’ve been before, for that Saturday night.

As we were getting ready to leave for the restaurant, I had already mentally prepared myself for a bill that was likely to be a bit more hectic that a night out at the Spur, I mean hey…. Its my birthday.

To skip through the long-winded stuff which would make this blog post into a novel, I am going to cut straight to the chase. We ordered a calamari starter, and a bottle of cap classique (the Dom Pirignon was a little out of my price range) to get the meal going.

We then ordered our mains. I ordered a Tagliatte, a meat dish of finely cut and fried steak, with a sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil and spices dish. definitely one of the best and taste bud tingling dishes I have ever had.

My girlfriend had a salmon ravioli, with a wine sauce all over it. I tried that too, and although I didn’t trust that a salmon pasta would be any good. I was skeptical. It turned out to also be really delicious.

We then ordered a bottle of Shiraz, and shared a nougat, nut and italian ice-cream dessert to finish off our night.

Although the food was delicious, the setting was gorgeous, and the company was great, the thing that stood out for me on the night was the level of the service of the serving staff at La Perla. Our drinks were always full. Sometimes I wouldn’t even noticed the waiter top up the glasses, stealthy like a ninja. We werent bothered every 5 minutes. The waiter(s) would be attentive without harassing you, only coming to you when you looked like you were ready to order, and your wine was looking low.

Although when the bill came I had to suck it up and dig for my pennies, the night was definitely worth it. What more can you ask for on your birthday than a great restaurant in the most beautiful city in the world, perfect weather, amazing food, even more amazing service, and good company.

What a birthday.

The view from my seat

Start of the blogging

I’ve just turned 25, working at an auditing firm and living in Cape Town. That the extent of my life at the moment. Until I make my millions, i can but dream of owning the cars I see driving past my small flat in Bantry Bay.

Ferrari’s, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and Maseratis. All the cars i see driving past my flat seem a million miles away, but I WILL and MUST get there one day.

Although I have a dream of driving and owning these sometime in the future, I still have  passion for the more reasonable, “normal people” cars. This blog is just somewhere where i will be posting my ideas on what cars I recon are great cars.

Some of my posts will be dream cars, but others will be more attainable cars, from first cars to trade up vehicles. I will give you my opinion on what cars I think are great, which cars i dont enjoy, and the occasional dream car i stumble upon.

Feel free to agree or disagree. Just speaking my mind!