Planning a wedding, party, or corporate event?

So we all want to impress our friends, family and colleagues in some way or another at an event or social gathering. There are various ways to do this… some are expensive, whereas others are cheap but a real hassle. IF ONLY you could find a way to do this in a cost-effective and hassle-free way… well now you can.

Introducing The Picture Booth, the new popular way to impress!


The Picture Booth is much like your ordinary photobooth solution that you have seen and heard of on TV, the internet, and at social or corporate events. The Picture Booth is a cost effective way of sharing your experience at a gathering of people with the world, and the ones around you. But how is The Picture Booth different from other booths you have seen?

The Picture Booth lets you share your photos directly from the booth itself on your favourite social network, via good old email, or by downloading the shots from your online portal. You can add an Instagram-style filter onto your photo to capture the mood of the evening, your personal preference, or just because you can. You also can also have a USB flash drive couriered to you the week after the event with all you photos on it.

Having a wedding? Why not order one of their wedding books? The wedding books use your favourite photos from the event to create a keepsake, something to put on your coffee table to share with your visitors of the great time you had. You can also have smaller (A5 size) duplicates of the books made to send to your close family and friends.

The main catch of this booth is that the booth is significantly cheaper than other booths you have seen in the market. This is due to this booth doing away with the nice, but sometime frustrating printer, resulting in fewer hassles, and far lower costs. Digital is the way of the future!

For more information and booking information on this new, exciting product, have a look at its website

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then by the end of the night you will have a novel!


Joao Fonseca – The Face of Young SA Talent

The Mi Casa crew

I remember sitting in my first Accounting class at Stellenbosch University during my 1st year of Varsity, ready at keen for the challenge that lay ahead of me. Not knowing anybody in the class, I sat down near the front of the class (because I was keen) with my books, folio pad, and multiple writing utensils. I sat next to some random guy in the class with shaved hair, bit of a Greek/Portuguese/Spanish look and introduced myself. “Hi, I am Dan”, the reply being “Hi I’m J***??”. What a weird name, but after a while I learned how to say it. Joao and I were now accounting buddies, and together we struggled along trying to follow the Afrikaans accounting lecturer, and attempted to not get too lost during the classes.

Now look at him! While I am in the cubicle and excel world of accounting, he is making waves in the music industry. Where did my life go so wrong?

Joao forms part of a group known as Mi Casa, and have been busting beats with a South African flair. The group has gone Platinum with their debut album, won multiple SAMA awards, and were nominated for Best African Act at the MTV EMA’s.

With close on 64000 followers on Twitter, it’s needless to say that the group is popular and adorned in South Africa. With a massive support group, and touring around South Africa performing, the group is only going to get bigger and better! I look forward to seeing them grow, not only into a South Africa Juggernaut, but an international success.

Joao, I may have forgotten to give you back a pen I borrowed back in accounting class… I’m not giving it back! 🙂


Linkin Park concert in Cape Town rocked by gail force winds and fallen scaffold

The excitement of Linkin Park’s first SA tour gig in Cape Town has been marred with the collapsing of a Lucazade scaffold for its advertising boards. This is due to the gale force winds that frequent the Mother City during this part of the year.

Most of us would have read earlier today of the injuries, and the most unfortunate death of a fan. This is not the outcome that one would hope for when hosting an event of such a magnitude. Despite the unfortuante event, and the negative hype toward the event due to this, “The show will go on”.

Perhaps to few contingency plans should have been in place for the likely event of wind at the stadium. This is after all the most windy time of the year in Cape Town. Stuff blows over, and when it is a large advertising scaffold, it had better be sturdy. What will happen in the future to ensure such a sad outcome does not occur again at such an event (for instance, at the Lady Gaga concert).

Needless to say, I think everyone had a jam at the performance. Linkin Park is massive, I just wish I was there to experience it!

Another Friday night at Caprice

After a long week at the office, what better way is there to celebrate the greatly anticipated occurence of the phenomenon known as The Weekend than a sundowner at the popular restaurant/bar, Cafe Caprice.


You know summer is coming

Situated on the picturesque beach of Camps Bay, Caprice is one of the most well known hangout joints for the young, affluent socialites of Cape Town.

This last Friday I made the short drive to Caprice to go have a quick sundowner, only to be met by socialite zombies, vampires, and… Not sure what a lot of the people were supposed to  be. Clearly halloween has been lagging in Cape Town, but it  made for interesting cocktails.

With summer coming, Cafe Caprice will begin to fill up even more with beach goers, tourist and locals looking to have a good time, and a well deserved sundowner at one of the  worlds most beautiful beaches. I know I  will be there!

Photo Booths are back and more popular than ever!

With the onset of social media, and social sharing, photo booths with digital and social media technology have become more popular than ever, with photo booths popping up at every event, wedding and occasion. One such booth is run and operated by a successful, and aspiring young businessman.

Sleek, professional, and easy to use

Stefano di Trapani runs his photobooth company from Gardens in Cape Town, and has successfully grown his business from one booth operated by him to being able to service multiple geographic locations, including Cape Town, Stellenbosch/winelands, George, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

At every event, the booth is a massive hit, often with queues of people waiting to climb inside the booth to capture a moment at the event. The booth is so popular with weddings, that the company struggles to keep up with the growing demand and clients needs.

The booth works in the following way:

  1. You get inside the booth and get comfortable
  2. Choose whether you will be having black and white or colour photos
  3. Pose 3 times (as the booth will take 3 separate photos with a delay between each)
  4. Following the onscreen prompts, choose if you want to share the photos via Facebook or email with friends and family
  5. Collect your printed photo strips outside the booth at the specialised built-in printer facility
  6. Keep one photo strip for yourself, paste the other into the wedding book (if you are at a wedding) and write a message to the bride and groom alongside your photostrip.

It’s that easy!

The booth will definitely add a special something to your next event.

To book a booth, or to find out more, follow this link:

Some satisfied customers, including Jack Parow

Bringing back the 70’s and 80’s, Deco Dance is bringing the boogie to the present

Every Friday and Saturday evening, Deco Dance comes alive from its weekday slumber to bring the past back to the present.

Situated in the heart of Sea Point on St Regent road, Deco Dance is in the middle of arguable the most vibey suburb in Cape Town. It therefore has a lot to live up to so as to keep the the local residents, and primary clientele happy in a very competitive industry.

I go to Deco very often, as it is both conveniently positioned for, me living in Bantry Bay, and there is also a vibe everytime I go there. Most nights when one goes there, there will be a fair smattering of brides maids, bachelor/bachelorette parties, as well as people dressing up for the sake of it. People of all ages and persuations frequent Deco, making for a very interesting partying.


What makes one realise that this it not your usual nightclub is when you see the regular DJ busting the grooves. We have come to know him as DJ Fathertime, as he is older than your usual reaident DJ. If I were to has it a guess, I would place his age between 55-80 (I’m not good at guessing ages, but he’s pretty old for his profession). Despite his age, he really knows how to get the dance floor going, and how to get the bachelorettes onto the dancing pole.


Aforementioned bachelorette on a pole

For the best Deco experience, get there before 10pm to avoid the entrance fee (R60 for guys, R40 for the ladies). Drinks are well priced, with my usual Castle Lites costing me R16 each. Shots are equally as well priced.

Never a dull moment, go to Deco.