Mother’s Day… how to spoil that special someone

We all need to thank that special someone in our lives, get them out the house and give them a special day.

What’s better than taking them somewhere awesome, where the food is always good, the vibe is contagious, and the spirit of South Africa is strong? Why not take them to Moyo?

We will have the legendary Picture Booth (photobooth for those not familiar) set up at the Blouberg and Kirstenbosch branches in Cape Town, allowing you to snap, capture and share your proudly South African experience of Mother’s Day. Get your face painted, get in that booth and tell the world over Facebook, Twitter and email that YOUR mom is the best in the business. She is the knees of the bees!

You will be able to see the photos taken at Moyo in real time (on Sunday) of the mom’s and their loved ones celebrating on our Facebook page

Will you be joining us on Sunday? You’d better be


The Picture Booth has arrived!

Everyone has parties, weddings and or office events. So what can you do to spice up the event, and create a little bit of fun? Why not rent yourself a photobooth, or rather The Picture Booth!

The Picture booth is ideal for weddings, allowing both the bride and groom, as well as their family and friends at the reception, to snap a photo strip, leave a video message and to generally just have fun. This is a fully digital booth that allows you to share directly on Facebook, Twitter, email or Pinterest your experience of the event. Hours of fun at a funtastic price.

Having a 21st birthday? No problem!

The The Picture Booth also allows you the option of having a wedding or party book created using the photos taken during the event. A great way to hold onto and share your memories of a memorable night.

Wedding books - a great keepsake

Wedding books – a great keepsake

Corporate event? The Picture Booth guys can set-up the booth in such a way that allows for maximum exposure on social media, presents the brand identity through branding the photos as well as the optional vinyls to make the booth look and feel like your own. We can also gather client information, and do surveys directly from the booth.

To find out more about the revolutionary booth, have a look at the website





Planning a wedding, party, or corporate event?

So we all want to impress our friends, family and colleagues in some way or another at an event or social gathering. There are various ways to do this… some are expensive, whereas others are cheap but a real hassle. IF ONLY you could find a way to do this in a cost-effective and hassle-free way… well now you can.

Introducing The Picture Booth, the new popular way to impress!


The Picture Booth is much like your ordinary photobooth solution that you have seen and heard of on TV, the internet, and at social or corporate events. The Picture Booth is a cost effective way of sharing your experience at a gathering of people with the world, and the ones around you. But how is The Picture Booth different from other booths you have seen?

The Picture Booth lets you share your photos directly from the booth itself on your favourite social network, via good old email, or by downloading the shots from your online portal. You can add an Instagram-style filter onto your photo to capture the mood of the evening, your personal preference, or just because you can. You also can also have a USB flash drive couriered to you the week after the event with all you photos on it.

Having a wedding? Why not order one of their wedding books? The wedding books use your favourite photos from the event to create a keepsake, something to put on your coffee table to share with your visitors of the great time you had. You can also have smaller (A5 size) duplicates of the books made to send to your close family and friends.

The main catch of this booth is that the booth is significantly cheaper than other booths you have seen in the market. This is due to this booth doing away with the nice, but sometime frustrating printer, resulting in fewer hassles, and far lower costs. Digital is the way of the future!

For more information and booking information on this new, exciting product, have a look at its website

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then by the end of the night you will have a novel!

Running walking

Bidvest Unity Walk: Making a difference while having fun

So this weekend I particpated in the annual Bidvest Unity Walk, a 10km fun run/walk occuring in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. The event is organised by the Bidvest Group, in association with the Quadriplegic and Paraplegic Association of South Africa (QASA), and aims to donate wheelchairs for those who cant walk themselves. So why not get out of bed a bit earlier, put on your walking/running shoes and make a difference.

After a week of very cold and wet weather in the Mother City, I was not very amped to get up on Sunday morning early, drive to Bellville, and wait in the cold to start walking. I am a runner, I dont really dig walking. Its takes far to long to not cover a lot of distance. Lank ineffectual manner of getting from point A to point B in my opinion. But I got up, got dressed, and got ready for the day.

I should mention that the walk is the Bidvest Unity Walk is already the largest charity walk for one corporate group, which is quite an impressive feat. So when I arrived at the starting line at the Bellville Velodrome, the number of people was quite impressive to see.

The music was pumping, the MC was getting the “athletes” in the zone, and people were losing their friends in the crowd. And we’re off!

Running walking

Dont mistake this for strike action… we’re making a difference


As the crowds of people wound past Tyger Valley shopping centre, the motorists started getting a bit annoyed, having most of their driving surface covered with padestrians and traffic officials siding with them. That being said, I was very impressed with the organisation of the traffic officials and the local authorities. There was minimal traffic build up, one lane was always kept clear of people, and they were always visiable and attentive. I don’t normally give many compliments to traffic cops, preferring to rather avoid and not letting myself get seen, but this day was well done. Bravo!

I was nice that Bidvest had the initiative primarily for their staff, but allowing guests to join them in the fun. My girlfriend works as a Client Liaison Officer at Land Rover N1 City, part of the Bidvest group, and organised me my guest pass. It was nice to see how the diverse companies within the group came together to walk for a common cause, not walking necessarily as employees of a massive company, but rather as people looking to make a difference. They weren’t forced there (I dont think), but rather chose to be there to support a great initiative.


The girlfriend, ready for action! Nice hat by the way!


Based on the MC’s estimate of numbers, around 50,000 people participated across the country in the walk. With a wheelchair being donated for every 75 walkers that participated, the figure should be around 670 wheelchairs… Quite an impressive feat! Although the final figure is not yet confirmed, anything around that figure would be fantastic.

The only bit of criticism that I have regarding the walk and the organisation is the following scenario that we experienced, along with a number of other people, just after the walk.

Our domestic worker managed to through away our race numbers, printed on a piece of paper, which meant that my girlfriend (as a Bidvest Employee) could not enter the raffle for many different prizes, and I could not enter the area where the post-walk food was provided as I did not have a “Guest” paper. I was extremely frustrated that simply by losing a piece of paper (which you have to baby-sit for a while) you miss out on so much post-race activity. Surely its simple enough to have one or two people at the entrance of the Velodrome, holding an iPad or similar device, who are able to verify whether you are worthy of entering. It should have been regarded as a reasonably possible risk which should perhaps have had some kind of back-up plan. And to enter the raffle… one small printer that can quickly print a lost ticket if you either lost yours during the week building up to the event, or if yours fell off while you were walking.

That is the only thing that I would suggest to make the walk better, but all-in-all, a great day on the road. I am definitely keen to do it again, get some exercise and make a difference. Well done Bidvest!

We ready... lets go!

We’re ready… lets go!

Photo Booths are back and more popular than ever!

With the onset of social media, and social sharing, photo booths with digital and social media technology have become more popular than ever, with photo booths popping up at every event, wedding and occasion. One such booth is run and operated by a successful, and aspiring young businessman.

Sleek, professional, and easy to use

Stefano di Trapani runs his photobooth company from Gardens in Cape Town, and has successfully grown his business from one booth operated by him to being able to service multiple geographic locations, including Cape Town, Stellenbosch/winelands, George, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

At every event, the booth is a massive hit, often with queues of people waiting to climb inside the booth to capture a moment at the event. The booth is so popular with weddings, that the company struggles to keep up with the growing demand and clients needs.

The booth works in the following way:

  1. You get inside the booth and get comfortable
  2. Choose whether you will be having black and white or colour photos
  3. Pose 3 times (as the booth will take 3 separate photos with a delay between each)
  4. Following the onscreen prompts, choose if you want to share the photos via Facebook or email with friends and family
  5. Collect your printed photo strips outside the booth at the specialised built-in printer facility
  6. Keep one photo strip for yourself, paste the other into the wedding book (if you are at a wedding) and write a message to the bride and groom alongside your photostrip.

It’s that easy!

The booth will definitely add a special something to your next event.

To book a booth, or to find out more, follow this link:

Some satisfied customers, including Jack Parow