Another BEE joke

What a joke!

There are many things that make living in South Africa difficult, and often very frustrating. From Presidents having massive homestead and villages upgraded for over R200mil of taxpayers money, to this article above.

This will have the effect that any PBO that doesn’t benefit black South Africans as the only beneficiary group, any donations made to such a PBO will score negative BEE points. This acts as a disincentive for companies to donate at all, as the tax benefit that may arise it cancelled out by concerns of losing BEE status. This will not benefit the welfare groups, not the people in need of their help should this bill be pushed through.

Sometimes I feel that things are being pushed too far in South Africa, with the result that people like me are concerned at what this country will be like for my kids one day. Is it worth my while staying here with so much uncertainty around, or should I make the move like many qualified, skilled South Africans have done already and ply my trade overseas. Time will tell, but I hope not.