The Picture Booth has arrived!

Everyone has parties, weddings and or office events. So what can you do to spice up the event, and create a little bit of fun? Why not rent yourself a photobooth, or rather The Picture Booth!

The Picture booth is ideal for weddings, allowing both the bride and groom, as well as their family and friends at the reception, to snap a photo strip, leave a video message and to generally just have fun. This is a fully digital booth that allows you to share directly on Facebook, Twitter, email or Pinterest your experience of the event. Hours of fun at a funtastic price.

Having a 21st birthday? No problem!

The The Picture Booth also allows you the option of having a wedding or party book created using the photos taken during the event. A great way to hold onto and share your memories of a memorable night.

Wedding books - a great keepsake

Wedding books – a great keepsake

Corporate event? The Picture Booth guys can set-up the booth in such a way that allows for maximum exposure on social media, presents the brand identity through branding the photos as well as the optional vinyls to make the booth look and feel like your own. We can also gather client information, and do surveys directly from the booth.

To find out more about the revolutionary booth, have a look at the website




Extrajordinary Design

Extrajordinary Design Illustrations


From a young age, Jordan Eardley was a creative freak, always having a drawing pad and pens on her. She would draw the strangest, and most curious illustrations of imaginary animals, wonderous (yet sometime creepy) creatures. She would generally use a pen, and not a pencil when doing her hand drawings. Mistakes were worked with, and it helped her become a very adaptable illustrator and made her not fear mistakes.

Jordan has since completed her BTech degree in Graphic Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (otherwise known as CPUT), where she excelled in her class. Her designs and quality of her work enabled her to stand out from the crowd, and to ensure that she wouldn’t be just another number when the graduates left the university.

Jordan is now doing freelance work, and has a Facebook page set up to showcase some of her illustration work to her friends, family and followers.

Extrajordinary design

Jordans profile and work is also showcased in Sparx Medias website ( as an illustrator for hire. Some of the work that she has done is for books and writers, personal gifts, and also some painting work for a large insurance company in Johannesburg (Zurich insurance).

She has gone from strength to strength, building up a solid base of followers, and attracting a lot of interest for her work and creative flair. She is someone to lookout for in the future.!/

Extrajordinary design

Personalized coffee mug gift

Jo-Ann Stokes photography

A couple of years ago, a family friend of mine got given a Canon 400D digital SLR camera as a gift which she used for holiday and general snaps. I remember going to her house to try teach her some of the technical aspects of exposure, ISO speeds, and shutter speeds. I thought I was quite cool, being able to teach her a thing or two. But then the student became the master.

Jo-Ann Stokes began taking her photography more seriously, going out on shoots with well known photographers, subscribing to camera magazines, and upgrading her kit. I went along on a few shoots to get tips on how to best photograph landscapes to make them an artpiece rather than just a photo. I was astounded at how good she was at both shooting the best shot, as well as teaching me some basics to enhance the composition of the photo.

She started going to weddings to do wedding shots, first for her friends and family, then for strangers. Her mastery of photography is astounding, which is evidenced from her Facebook page going from a few people, to 200 people, and now sits at over 2000 likes. Getti images also purchase her photos as stock images, so clearly there is a demand for her expertise, and quality.

Have a look at her page and website, and see what the rave is about:

Facebook: Photography by Jo-Ann Stokes


Photography by Jo-Ann Stokes