Mother’s Day… how to spoil that special someone

We all need to thank that special someone in our lives, get them out the house and give them a special day.

What’s better than taking them somewhere awesome, where the food is always good, the vibe is contagious, and the spirit of South Africa is strong? Why not take them to Moyo?

We will have the legendary Picture Booth (photobooth for those not familiar) set up at the Blouberg and Kirstenbosch branches in Cape Town, allowing you to snap, capture and share your proudly South African experience of Mother’s Day. Get your face painted, get in that booth and tell the world over Facebook, Twitter and email that YOUR mom is the best in the business. She is the knees of the bees!

You will be able to see the photos taken at Moyo in real time (on Sunday) of the mom’s and their loved ones celebrating on our Facebook page

Will you be joining us on Sunday? You’d better be


Clanwilliam in 30 seconds

I was sent up to Clanwilliam, a very small town in the Western Cape, for work a few weeks back and thought it’d give my 2 cents on what attractions the town has to offer.


Clanwilliam main road

Although the accommodation where we were was not up to scratch (without mentioning names), there are many small guest houses in and around the town that provided a very homely feel when you stay there. Prices are reasonable, starting from R350 per person per night, and EVERYTHING is within walking distance.

During the September/October months, the town is abuzz with tourist, and people who made the trip up from Cape Town to see the flower festival. Colourful wild flowers cover almost every hill you can see with vibrant colours, transforming the landscape into an artwork. The restaurants, hotels, and bed and breakfasts depend on the flower season, and derive most of their yearly income from this part of the year.

Clanwilliam flowers

Vibrant colours everywhere you look

The Clanwilliam dam is a popular destination, due to its camps sites situated on the banks of the dam, as well as the skiing and boating experiences you can find there. Skiiers from all over the Western Cape converge on Clanwilliam to take advantage of the perfect skiing conditions at the windless, sunny destination.

Clanwilliam is Rooisbos crazy, with every air freshener, guest house and even milkshakes using rooibos tea. There is also a famous rooisbos factory in Clanwilliam that generate huge volumes of tea, as well as supports the local community with jobs.

For nightlife… well there isn’t really much in the form of nightlife, except Die Kelder, a restaurant/bar that plays music, sport, and has really well priced food. R79 for 400g of ribs and a whole bunch of chicken wings… not bad if you’re a city slicker. They also serve pizzas, burgers and the usual pub restaurant food that one would expect (except just larger portions).

Just a fair warning, do not go there during the peak of summer! Clanwilliam is known to be one of the hottest places in South Africa, with temperatures often getting well over 40 degrees celcius. Rather stay in Cape Town and go to the beach.

Another Friday night at Caprice

After a long week at the office, what better way is there to celebrate the greatly anticipated occurence of the phenomenon known as The Weekend than a sundowner at the popular restaurant/bar, Cafe Caprice.


You know summer is coming

Situated on the picturesque beach of Camps Bay, Caprice is one of the most well known hangout joints for the young, affluent socialites of Cape Town.

This last Friday I made the short drive to Caprice to go have a quick sundowner, only to be met by socialite zombies, vampires, and… Not sure what a lot of the people were supposed to  be. Clearly halloween has been lagging in Cape Town, but it  made for interesting cocktails.

With summer coming, Cafe Caprice will begin to fill up even more with beach goers, tourist and locals looking to have a good time, and a well deserved sundowner at one of the  worlds most beautiful beaches. I know I  will be there!

Sauls Tavern – Sea Point

Every now and then, my girlfriend and I dont feel like making food while we are at my flat, and very often going out is too expensive, and too formal. Ordering a pizza is also a bit of a mission, since not all pizza delivery outlets have debit card or credit card machines. I never have cash on me. We had to find the next best thing which was affordable, had a card machine, and convenient. Living in Bantry Bay/Sea Point we have now found that solution.

Sauls Tavern at the end of St Regent road (Sea Point main road) is a very convenient option for us, being a 60m walk. Sauls has a very simple menu or pizzas, pastas and burgers, but what makes the food at Sauls so appealing is the price v quality.

We usually order pizza when we go there, of which there are only 4 types to choose from. For us, its normally a tussle between the chicken and mince variety, both of which are great. And for R55 and R60 respectively, the pizzas are really well priced when compared to our pizza delivery equivalents, as well as a Woolies heat up pizza.

While waiting for the pizza, we would go to the bar and have a quick drink. I order my customary Black Label, whilst the girlfriend has a vodka and orange juice. Living in the Atlantic  seaboard, one would expect the price to be quite steep for that order…. It was R33. It always amazes me how a place with such low prices for alcohol is not busier than it is.

Sauls also offer complimentry loyalty cards (the Fun card) which can accummulate points, or can be loaded with money. Since it was my birthday the other day, they loaded R50 onto my card… How nice.

Sauls has a couple of outlets in the Cape Town area, namely Sauls Saloon (burgers), Sauls Sushi, Sauls Mongolian, an of course Sauls Tavern. Each of the places are great, and not badly priced. Definately a reommended chain if you want something afforable, quick, and tasty.


The bar at Sauls

La Perla Restaurant for my Bday

I got back from a business trip to Joburg on Saturday afternoon, after spending my birthday in the City of Gold the day before. I felt like spoiling my girlfriend and I to something special, and have a memorable night of fine wine drinking, and gourmet meals. With the weather getting progressively better, the venue had to have sea views, open/outdoors environment, and preferably close to home.

I made a booking at La Perla restaurant on Beach Road in Sea Point, a place I’ve been before, for that Saturday night.

As we were getting ready to leave for the restaurant, I had already mentally prepared myself for a bill that was likely to be a bit more hectic that a night out at the Spur, I mean hey…. Its my birthday.

To skip through the long-winded stuff which would make this blog post into a novel, I am going to cut straight to the chase. We ordered a calamari starter, and a bottle of cap classique (the Dom Pirignon was a little out of my price range) to get the meal going.

We then ordered our mains. I ordered a Tagliatte, a meat dish of finely cut and fried steak, with a sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil and spices dish. definitely one of the best and taste bud tingling dishes I have ever had.

My girlfriend had a salmon ravioli, with a wine sauce all over it. I tried that too, and although I didn’t trust that a salmon pasta would be any good. I was skeptical. It turned out to also be really delicious.

We then ordered a bottle of Shiraz, and shared a nougat, nut and italian ice-cream dessert to finish off our night.

Although the food was delicious, the setting was gorgeous, and the company was great, the thing that stood out for me on the night was the level of the service of the serving staff at La Perla. Our drinks were always full. Sometimes I wouldn’t even noticed the waiter top up the glasses, stealthy like a ninja. We werent bothered every 5 minutes. The waiter(s) would be attentive without harassing you, only coming to you when you looked like you were ready to order, and your wine was looking low.

Although when the bill came I had to suck it up and dig for my pennies, the night was definitely worth it. What more can you ask for on your birthday than a great restaurant in the most beautiful city in the world, perfect weather, amazing food, even more amazing service, and good company.

What a birthday.

The view from my seat