Green Shebeen Wine

Green Shebeen Wine – Organic and Cool

A few months ago I met De Vos Meaker when he came to my flat to hangout. He had with him a guitar, a laptop, and a couple of bottles of wine. Any stranger that brings wine into my house is an instant friend, but the wine he brought with, I did not recognise.

Green Shebeen Wine

3 uniquely cool bottles of wine

De Vos brought “the blend” to my place and placed it down on my coffee table. “A very cool bottle of wine” I said, “Where did you buy it?”. He hadn’t bought it, he had made it. Being only 20 years old, this is highly impressive.

The wine is 100% natural, certified organic wine. I was slightly sceptical when looking at the wine, since I tend to go for wines that I know (being a student at Stellenbosch University) but I overcame my scepticism to give it a shot – it’s free wine.


The wine is abundant with fruity flavours, and is very easy drinking… exactly what you want from a new-to-the-market red blend. Needless to say, we polished off all of the wine during the course of the night, thinking that in hindsight that he should have brought more.

To learn more about Green Shebeen wines you can either check out their website, or like them on Facebook.!/greenshebeen